Cotton-seed Meal

Cottonseed meal is a by-product from the oil extraction of cottonseed. It is a medium quality protein meal that can be fed to all animals.
Cottonseed meal in Australia is of two types depending on the process of oil extraction - pressed/expeller cottonseed meal and pre-press solvent extracted meal. Solvent extraction meal is the more common of the two types.
Cottonseed meal contains a number of harmful substances, the most important of which are gossypol and the cyclopropenoids. These substances, if ingested in large enough quantities over a period, can affect livestock performance. Both meals vary in their gossypol content, with the expeller meal containing approximately 0.07% and the solvent extracted meal 0.05%.
Solvent extracted cottonseed meal contains a maximum level of gossypol (both bound and free forms) of 0.1%. The level of gossypol in the free form is the concern when feeding to animals. See M. Evans (1985) for more information.

                                                             Typical Analysis

Crude   Protein 43%
Fat/Oil 1%
Crude   Fibre 12%
DE*   Pig 12.2 MJ/kg
ME   Poultry 9 MJ/kg
ME   Ruminant 11 MJ/kg
DE   Horse 11 MJ/kg