Sunflower oil

Oil02Agrifarm Australia has access to supply and distribution channels around the world. Agrifarm Australia Pty Ltd supplies sunflower oil for various applications.we are proud of our fair deals, quality products and fast delivery.

High Oleic (mono-unsaturated)
High Oleic (mono-unsaturated) sunflower oil is coveted for its superior frying qualities. The high oleic content in the sunflower seed has high smoking points and its slower oxidization rate is reported to increase shelf life of snack foods. The oil contained in the sunflower seed also has valued health benefits and is much lower in saturated fat than other crops grown for commercial cooking purposes.
Linoleic (poly-unsaturated)
Linoleic (poly-unsaturated) sunflower oil is extensively used through out the food service industry in salad dressings, bottled oil and margarine production. Linoleic sunflower also has important health benefits and is reported to have possible cholesterol reducing qualities. The linoleic acid is an omega-6 polyunsaturate and the linoleic sunflower is second only to its safflower counter part in this essential fatty acid.

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